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karakuli lkae 180 kilometers from Kashgar

Gongga shan

sichuang gongga

Sichuang 4 girls mountains


Day01: Flight to Chengdu

Day02: Chengdu/Wolong/Danba Depart from Chengdu, through Duj iangyan weir, pass along Wolong Giant Panda natural reserve, cross cloud-covered Mt.Balang (altitude 4520m), and then pass by Mt.4 girls to Xiaojin, (stay one night should you visit Mt.4girls). Head to Danba, throw yourself into the landscape of Tibet village and watch tower scattered in thc dusk. Whole day trip 383km, about 8 hours riding.

Day03: DanbaBamei/Daofu After breakfast, pay a thorougly visit to the famous watchtower in Jiaju village. Then pass the "natural basin", en route sightseeing of grassland meadow scenery in Bamei, arrival at Daofu. (The local residence is the most famous scenery, white Painted-wall, crimson column and exquisite carved windows.The view is gorgeous under the sunshine) Whole day trip 147km, about 4 hours riding

Day04: Daofu/Luhuo-Ganzi Depart from Daofu, drive along the serene Xianshui River, you are
encompassed in a harmonious environment. After your arrival in Luhuo, the local constructions are eye-catching also as that of Daofu. On the mountain waist of Luoganliangzi, which is located in the way from Luhuo to Ganzi, the Kasa Lake appeared. The peaceful lake mirroring the azure sky, cotton-like clouds, bring you wonderful experience.Then reach Ganzi. Whole trip about -I hours riding (County Ganzi, Altitude 3380m,the commercial hub of Sichuan. Qinhai and Tibet. more populous than villages you visited more Tibetan traditional things .

Day05: Ganzi /Mlanigange/Xianluhai/Quershan/'Dege
Leave from Ganzi, pass Manigange, which is abundant of grand pasture and imposing snow mountain. About 20 min driving arrive at the "Yulonglacuo''. you may see the living Buddha -"bare foot "and the stupa he built if you are lucky enough.Then cross the fairy-like "Quershan", take photos at the milestone (altitude 5050m).Arrive at Dege in the afternoon. Visit the famous scripture presswork house(No photographing), if you are interested in Tibetan herb, drop in the south-herb originating place-Dege Tibetan hospital. Whole trip 207km: about 6 hour riding. (Dege is tlte last city located in Sichuan border, The Sichuan-Tibet road via here to Chamdu) Tips: no plastic bags discarded in this city, otherwise 50 RMB will be fined

Day06: Degce/Jiangda/Charndu Enter Tibet via Jinshajiang Bridge after breakfast, arrive at Jiangda, the first county located in Tibet throughout the whole itinerary. lt also plays an important role in the transportation between Dege and Chamdu. Charndu is one of the most significant traffic hubs as well as cultural and economic centers in Tibetan area. Visit the famous scenic spot in Chamdu -Qiangbalin temple and Kano ruins, Whole trip 337km,about 8 hour riding. (Alternatively visit Mt.Baizong)

Day07: Changdul Basu Leave for Bangda from Zuogong, Bangda is a wide grassland with 4400m altitude, then pass the renowned "ninety-nine bend", driving downwards to the riverbank of Nujiang.Today"s journey is a coarse test to everybody's physical condition. for the temperature in Bangda offen falls below O'C, while that of Nujiang normally 20'C And the altitude variation reaches 2500m. (Road conditions: poor, especially on the riverbank. it is narrow. Dongda Snow Mountain is year-round snow-covered, The altitude of Basu is 3910m)

Day08: Basu/Ranwuhu/bomi Pass along the glacial zone, Ranwu gully. the vehicles squeeze between the icicle ravine, very exciting but safe of course. Ranwuhu is a famous glacial lake in highland.Exuberant primitive forests. sapphire lake, wild birds singing, giving you an unconceivable practice. Bomb County is situated in this fairyland. Due to it is the location of cast Himalayan ridges, it is surrounded by snow-capped peaks, including the famous Namibia peak and Javelin peak. Whole day trip 218km.about 5 hour riding.

Day09: Bomi/Nyingchi Drive through the primitive forests, cross a snow-covered mountain (Sejila mountain)Nyingchi is awaiting your arrival. Menba minority and Luoba minority residents abode in this place. Their custom is much like that of Tibet, while they still keep pristine traditions. Nyingchi is also famous for its wonderful landscapes. Whole day trip 233km.about 6 hour riding

Day10: Bayi/Gongbujiangda/Lhasa Drive along the Lahaska river gully, via Dazi, turning west, Potala palace is welcoming you in the long distance. after your arrival in
Lhasa.just Enjoy it! Whole day trip 400km,about 8 hour riding. (You can participate in the local lour group, or choose us as your agent to arrange your further itinerary)

Trekking to Highest Point In the earth!!
With the attraction of the highest mountain in the world, this trek to the Everest Base Camp has become more popular in Tibet in recent years. Featuring spectacular views of the Himalaya from stark desert valleys, this is an unforgettable adventure for those who are not afraid to use their own two feet. The trekking season in the Everest Region extends from April through October, Subfreezing temperatures occured even in the summer at higher elevations and, conversely, hot gusty winds in May and June can make walking a sweaty experience. The Trek at a Glance Duration 3 to 4 days Distance 60km Standard Medium to difficult Start Shegar Finish Everest Base Camp Highest Point Nam-Ia (5250m) Summary This is a difficult high elevation walk beginning at 4400m and attaining attitudes of nearly 5200m. Complete itinerary
Day01: Arrive Lhasa. Airport transfer to the hotel, acclimatize for rest of the day. Overnight in Lhasa.
Day02 -03: Lhasa. Sightseeing, visit Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Barkhore Street, Drepung and Sera Monasteries. Overnight in Lhasa (B)
Day04: Lhasa-Yamdroktso-Gyantse. In the morning, visit the holy lake Yamdroktso. In the afternoon, go to the small town Gyantse, and visit the famous Kumbum there. Overnight in Gyantse (B)
Day05: Gyantse-Shigatse. Go to Tibet's second city Shigatse, and visit Panchen Lama's seat Tashilunpo Monastery. Overnight in Shigatse (B)
Day06: Shigatse-Shegar. Go to Shegar. Overnight in Shcgar (B)
Day07: Shegar-Geu-Ia (4 1/2 hours) Camping (B,L,D)
Day08: Base of the Geu-Ia-upper Dzaka valley (5 1/2 hours) Camp ing (B,L,D)
Day09: Upper Dzaka valley-Cho Dzom (3 hours) Camping (B,L,D)
Day10: Cho Dzom-Rongpuk Monastery (3 hours) and Everest Bas (5 hours)
Day11: Base Camp-Zhangmu. Drive to the border town Zhangmud, enjoy the different views of the north and south faces of Himalaya. Overnight in Zhangmu. (B)
Day12: Zhangmu-Kathmandu. Customs opens around 10am, the guide will help you clear the customs and transfer you to the Friendship Bridge at the border, our service comes to the end here. You need to cross the Bridge by yourself, and get to Nepalese side. (Note: if you need us to arrange border transfer to Kathmandu or other service, there's additional cost.) (B)