To go to Tiemen Pass from Korla City It only takes about 15
Minutes by Taxi!It is the No 26th the number 26th pass in ancient
china.Once the very important strategic pass connected North and
south Xinjiang.It was a place of strategic importance,and area of
contention for the military commander because in anceint time
There was only road and pass that people can go through at that time
It was so named Iron Door Pass because it was very hard to
attack at the ancient time.Mountain scenery is also beautiful
there. Do you want to also hear the beautiful love story
behind Tiemen Pass? It was Uygur love story about two lovers
named Tayer and girl Zhouhela.Zhouhela was the princess of
The ancient Yanji Kingdom.Zhouhela loved Tayer very much but
Tayer was only a sheepherder so the Minister named Karehan who
was very cattiness that he goaded King to capture Toyer and
Kill him.Zhouhela tactfully rescued her sweetheart after She
had known the message.The Minister immediately dispatched
the soldier to catch them after he had known.The couple
unluckily fell into gulf with the horse when they passed
Tiemen Pass. To commemorate this two lovers for the freedom
of the love and later the poeple had the grave built
at the top of the mountians.